Sea Freight

Freightexpressaxel logistics limited, as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), has built an extensive agent network all over the world, with professional customs service term and cargo information system, which allow our partner to grasp real-time status of their goods and parcel. We can provide you complete range of international ocean freight shipping service to suit your needs. What we can do? Full containers (FCL) CY/CY / Door to Door Less than container load shipments (LCL) CFS-CFS Cargo consolidation into one container. Oversize load/heavy equipment/hazardous cargo/high-value cargo FBA AMAZON Service Freightexpressaxel logistics limited has developed strong relationships with our overseas agents and partners and successfully built our exclusive channel for FBA Amazon service and we are capable to provide our Amazon seller and buyer the suitable service by sea/ air. How do FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) Work? FBA AIR Service: supplier will drop the cargo at our warehouse, which will be uplifted at the next available flight to the destination, where our agent will do the customs clearance and deliver to Amazon warehouse in destination. FBA Sea Service: supplier will drop the cargo at warehouse, which will be uplifted at the next available flight to the destination, where our agent will do the customs clearance and deliver to Amazon Warehouse in destination. Remarks: we can also delivery cargo to your address directly instead of Amazon warehouse. Other Services Export Customs brokerage Warehousing/ Storage Pre-shipping inspection/ Quality control Labeling/Repackaging Pick-up & Distribution Insurance Export license/certificate of origin Fumigation Project Cargo Freightexpressaxel limited has much experience to handle project cargo of abnormal cargo both heavy lift and oversize packages and units including: large industrial vehicles, prefabricated modules, machinery, industrial plants, construction materials, and engineering projects. Whatever the size, weight or complexity of handling is, Our logistics is your choice to handle “impossible” circumstances”. What we can do? FLAT RACK Container / OT OPEN TOP Container Break Bulk Services RO-RO shipping Air Charter Services (B747F / 777F / 767F /A330F etc.)

Freightexpressaxel limited can provide the Freight Express Axel transportation service for temperature sensitive products along a supply chain through thermal and refrigerated packaging methods and the logistical planning to protect the integrity of these shipments. There are several means in which Freight Express Axel products can be transported, including refrigerated trucks and railcars, refrigerated cargo ships as well as by air cargo. What we can do? First, constant temperature transportation (10 ° C ~ 22 ° C): to provide standard transport of insulated transport vehicles such as: electronic products, chocolate, pharmaceuticals, chemical products and other constant temperature transport. Second, refrigerated transport (0 ° C ~ 6 ° C): provide standard transport of refrigerated transport vehicles such as: fruits, vegetables, beverages, fresh milk products, flowers and plants, cooked food products, all kinds of cakes, all kinds of food materials and other refrigerated transport. Third, the frozen transport (-16 ° C ~ -28 ° C): provide standard transport of frozen transport vehicles such as: frozen food, meat, ice cream and other frozen transport.

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